Making a Statement with Pendant Lighting

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Making a Statement with Pendant Lighting

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In some rooms, a stunning chandelier is the perfect lighting choice that fills the room with welcome light and makes a definitive statement, too. Dining rooms and large foyers are examples of spaces that naturally lend themselves to the use of a chandelier for adding beauty and light. But in other situations, a chandelier can overpower the space, but a hanging light is still the best choice. Here’s where pendant lighting can save the day.

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A pendant lantern or light hangs down from the ceiling and provides focused lighting where it is most needed. Besides offering functionality as specialized task lighting, you’ll often find pendant lights serving as a design focal point much like a chandelier but on a smaller scale. The styling of a pendant lantern or light runs the gamut from traditional to contemporary, and materials used in these useful lighting fixtures can vary from metals like aluminum and brass to clear or textured glass.

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One of the more traditional uses of pendant lights is to be found in the kitchen; it’s not unusual to see a trio of these light fixtures hanging over a counter, an island, or a peninsula. When pendant lighting is installed over a counter space in the kitchen, you’ll want to aim for a height of 28 to 35 inches above the work surface. Think about the activities that will occur at the counter where the pendant lantern fixtures will hang; if people will be seated, the lights can hang a bit lower, but if people will the standing and washing dishes or preparing food, then the pendant lighting needs to be installed a bit higher.



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Some styles of pendant lighting offer the feature of adjustability; this provides more flexibility in how the light can be used. If there is traffic in the kitchen, it’s easy to move the light higher so that it’s out of the way, but if task lighting is required for jobs at the counter, then the light can be lowered to more effectively illuminate the work space.

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Because you’ll frequently find pendant lights adding beauty and usefulness in the kitchen, it’s easy to overlook how this style of lighting can complement other rooms in the home. Consider how a perfectly-placed pendant lantern can make a small entryway seem warm and welcoming without taking up the space that a chandelier would. Or how about adding a pendant light in a powder room to provide decorative interest while casting a flattering light?




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Wherever you decide to use pendant lighting, you’ll be impressed with the way that it brings both light and beauty to the room without overwhelming it.


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Inspiring Deep-seated Design Transformations With Floor Lamps

Modern setting with adjustable floor lamp, side table and slick couch; modern decorating ideas

In an ideal world, you’d be able to design your surroundings from the ground up. Unfortunately, reality has a way of bringing your interior design dreams screeching to a halt, especially when it comes to home lighting. Could floor lamps hold the solution?

Modern setting with adjustable floor lamp, side table and slick couch; modern decorating ideas

Overcoming Common Design Hurdles

For all of the amenities that they enjoy, those who reside in modern spaces face unique design challenges. Imagine that you’re an up-and-coming renter. After a long search, you finally laid eyes on the pad of your dreams, but it’s not quite perfect yet. No matter how stylish your tastes may be, however, your landlady is unlikely to be as enthusiastic about you adding ceiling fixtures or sconces to suit your preferences.

Maybe you’ve decided to move on to home-ownership so that you can flex your freedom of expression. If you’ve just spent tons on a down payment, then you might lack the funds for major overhaul projects. You could also feel wary of making permanent fixture changes that might not appeal to prospective buyers who want to start with a clean slate.

The Floor Lamp Solution

It’s easy to see how such situations might seem like impossible quandaries. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel like your back is against the wall because floor lamps offer mind-blowing levels of flexible functionality. While static fixtures definitely have their place, diving into impromptu, ground-based improvements could be just what your design strategies need to evolve.

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Mastering Design Intersections: Form, Function and Fashion

It’s not always easy to approach creative design problems. Lamps come in so many different flavors that many people find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of choice. While this is certainly better than starving for options, it does force you to consider your moves carefully.

When you’re searching for a handy guidepost, utility isn’t a bad place to start.

Your efforts will prove more impactful when you’re aware of the common ground between the way you use lighting and how it looks. Just remember that functionality should come before form or fashion.

Consider a space that just feels too dark no matter what you do. While you might find it tempting to place a lamp in the middle of the room to brighten up everything, centrally arranged concepts aren’t always as navigable as they are visually striking. If your lamp gets in the way or feels like a cold, forlorn island amidst a sea of bustle, then your layout may be doomed to fail.

Modern bedroom design with pink accents and awesome floor lamp; modern bedroom ideas


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Cozy contemporary white living room with a comfy couch and a floor lamp

It’s never a bad idea to branch out and explore.

Key concepts to remember include:

Similarity: In the realms of design and art alike, visual unity helps communicate broader ideas that are greater than the sum of their parts. If a lamp that you love isn’t a flawless fit for a room, don’t be afraid to check out items from the same collection or manufacturer. Or swap centerpiece lighting for smaller versions of similar styles spaced at more regular intervals.
Variation: Floor lamps stand apart as self-sufficient furniture pieces. Their comparative independence and sculptural artistry let you get away with styles that aren’t perfect one-to-one matches for your other decor. Use lamps that contrast with the shapes, colors and materials of their surroundings to give your layouts enhanced depth.
Artistry: Artistic flair takes countless forms. Do you prefer sleek, spartan floor lamps or lean more toward the stately ornate? Since these lights are so self-contained, you should feel free to explore the nuances of styles that you might not have considered: The results of combining them with other elements could pleasantly surprise you.

Living room design with cactus decorating motif. Gray, blue and green color scheme;living room decor and lighting ideas


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Taking Back the Power: Go for Your Ideals

One of the best lessons that any aspiring artist or interior designer can learn is to take the plunge. You’ll never know whether your aesthetic intentions will bear fruit if you don’t let them grow. Home lighting lets you plant the seeds in fertile soil.

Still struggling to get started? Here are some tips that you can put into practice right now:

Take pictures from different angles: Viewing a room from multiple perspectives makes it easier to choose a floor lighting solution that holds up to scrutiny from all sides.
Consider varied light levels: Your room may be blessed with bright windows or shrouded in the comforting privacy of solid borders. In either case, it’s important to account for how your new lights will interact with what you’ve already got going on.
Build on themes: Your room’s current layout may be the result of convenience or intentional placement, but interiors tend to exhibit a sense of self-organization after being lived in for a while. Regardless whether you want to strengthen a weak motif or counteract one that’s overwhelming everything nearby, you’ll need to establish a baseline to make a real difference.

Home lighting is an amazing medium for free-form self-expression. Adding a floor lamp or two is an easy way to insert your unique personality into a space. Why not build a lighting arrangement worth basking in?

Contemporary living room design with slick fireplace mantel and cool floor lamps; living room design inspiration

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