Modern Kitchen Design Trends

modern kitchen with cool counter stools

Modern style is usually associates with clean lines, no architectural embellishments, moldings or decorations, cold colors and surfaces. Some people think about modern style kitchen as uninviting and more industrial then homey look. But some of that is a misconception.

modern white kitchen design with three cool counter stools and green wall; cool design ideas; modern kitchen inspiration

Even though, materials like stainless steel, chrome, glass, and granite can have a cool feeling, but with loving soul and an eye for beauty you can create a warm and inviting modern kitchen where everyone want to gather. To soften up sharp a clean-line modern-contemporary look integrate soft and warm colors in your kitchen design and add natural materials like wood and stone.

modern kitchen design concept with soft and warm colors and textures of natural materials like wood and stone; modern kitchen design ideas

By the way, you sure know that modern decor is not a novelty. The roots of modern design go way back in Victorian era. That is when, at the turn of the last century, progressive designers and architects took the first steps away from over-the-top ornamentation and architectural embellishments. They started experimenting with simpler forms and natural materials. After that over the course of twentieth century a lot of different modern movements appeared. Evolving and growing, experimenting with new materials these movements gradually brought us to the high-tech look that been popularized in the 1970s and 1980s.

Our days, modern decor is much softer and family friendly and very popular in American homes especially in the kitchen.

modern kitchen with sleek lacquer wood cabinets; modern kitchen design ideas; modern kitchen inspiration

Today’s kitchen is not just a place for preparing food with reflective surfaces, hard edges, and cutting-edge technology, it is a multi functional space for family gatherings and different activities. Classical stark black and white palate for modern kitchen during last two decades has been replaced with earthy hues and warmer shades of white.

cool modern industrial kitchen concept; industrial kitchen design ideas; industrial kitchen decor inspiration

Kitchen designers are taking a fresh approach to classical forms and traditional materials, giving them a new life and implementing principals of Green Design.

Modern kitchen’s are often designed with neutral or monochromatic color scheme. Do not be intimidated by color. In fact, the kitchen is a perfect place to add some vivid colors, because most of the wall space is taken by the cabinets usually there is not much of the wall space left exposed.

dramatic modern red kitchen with sleek lighting fixture and cool bar stools

The kitchen cabinets are the biggest investment for kitchen, so make them pop by choosing colors that will act as a perfect background. Mellow wall colors will make light kitchen cabinets blend-in, stronger more saturated colors will showcase the cabinets.

When selecting cabinets for your modern kitchen, you can pair a frameless door with a wood finish. Laminate cabinetry is still compatible with this style, but for an updated look, wood is it. For modern kitchen light woods like maple or birch in clear finish are preferable.