Making a Statement with Pendant Lighting

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Making a Statement with Pendant Lighting

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In some rooms, a stunning chandelier is the perfect lighting choice that fills the room with welcome light and makes a definitive statement, too. Dining rooms and large foyers are examples of spaces that naturally lend themselves to the use of a chandelier for adding beauty and light. But in other situations, a chandelier can overpower the space, but a hanging light is still the best choice. Here’s where pendant lighting can save the day.

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A pendant lantern or light hangs down from the ceiling and provides focused lighting where it is most needed. Besides offering functionality as specialized task lighting, you’ll often find pendant lights serving as a design focal point much like a chandelier but on a smaller scale. The styling of a pendant lantern or light runs the gamut from traditional to contemporary, and materials used in these useful lighting fixtures can vary from metals like aluminum and brass to clear or textured glass.

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One of the more traditional uses of pendant lights is to be found in the kitchen; it’s not unusual to see a trio of these light fixtures hanging over a counter, an island, or a peninsula. When pendant lighting is installed over a counter space in the kitchen, you’ll want to aim for a height of 28 to 35 inches above the work surface. Think about the activities that will occur at the counter where the pendant lantern fixtures will hang; if people will be seated, the lights can hang a bit lower, but if people will the standing and washing dishes or preparing food, then the pendant lighting needs to be installed a bit higher.



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Some styles of pendant lighting offer the feature of adjustability; this provides more flexibility in how the light can be used. If there is traffic in the kitchen, it’s easy to move the light higher so that it’s out of the way, but if task lighting is required for jobs at the counter, then the light can be lowered to more effectively illuminate the work space.

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Because you’ll frequently find pendant lights adding beauty and usefulness in the kitchen, it’s easy to overlook how this style of lighting can complement other rooms in the home. Consider how a perfectly-placed pendant lantern can make a small entryway seem warm and welcoming without taking up the space that a chandelier would. Or how about adding a pendant light in a powder room to provide decorative interest while casting a flattering light?




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Wherever you decide to use pendant lighting, you’ll be impressed with the way that it brings both light and beauty to the room without overwhelming it.


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